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Camping Sol de Calpe****

Are pets allowed in the camping ground?

It is not allowed the entry of animals that could be dangerous or pose discomfort for the campers. We accept up to two pets weighing maximum 20 kg each per camping pitch. They must be on a leash and supervised by their owners at all times. It is compulsory to pick up the excrements of your pets, failure to comply with this rule will result in an automatic charge of €200 to your account.

Is there a minimum age to use the camping ground?

People under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Parents will be held the responsibility of their children in all activities in the camping facilities.

Can I tie ropes to the trees?

It is strictly prohibited to prune, cut or attack the plants and trees of the campsite. It is not possible to tie ropes to trees without having previously protected them. Prior to departure, all types of fastenings must be removed. It is totally forbidden the installation by the customers of elements that do not correspond to those of temporary use, own and usual of the stay.

Can I book a specific campsite?

We consider and grant each request as far as it is possible.

What type of ground do the camp sites have? Can I nail tent pegs?

Ground consisting of gravel. You can nail tent pegs, as long as you do not damage the camping facilities.

Does the camping ground have infants’ cots or high chairs available?

Yes. Both infants’ cots and high chairs are available.

Are there washing machines? Dryers? What does the service cost?

Our facilities have a laundry equipped with washing machines, dryers and irons. Price per wash, €5, and per dry, €3.

What size are the camp sites in m2?

We have several sizes of camp site. From smaller smallholdings of 55 m2 to sites over 180 m2 with the option of joining them together. Prices on request. 

Do you allow visits from family or friends who are not staying at the camping ground?

Entry into the camping ground is reserved exclusively for its users. In exceptional cases, at a customer’s request and under their responsibility, management may allow entry to family or friends for a previously agreed limited time. Under all circumstances such guests must leave a document verifying their identity with the reception, which they may collect when they leave. Visits of more than one hour shall signify for all intents and purposes that the visitor is going to be considered as a customer for one day. The same would occur when the visitor makes use of any service within the camping ground. 

Does the camping have enable spaces for caravans and/or tents?

No, the camping is exclusively for motorhomes. It doesn’t have enable spaces neither for caravans nor for tents.

Does the camping have bungalows?

No. The camping is exclusively for motorhomes, it doesn’t have bungalows.



Are trailers allowed?

Yes, trailers are allowed. Campers must park their trailers within the limits of the assigned plot. In no case may they occupy a plot or a parking space with a trailer. In the case of invading another plot, you will have to pay the fee for the extra plot you are occupying.

At what time is check-in and check-out?

Arrival: Check-in is between 2pm and midnight. Check-out is before 12pm. Guests who wish to leave after this time must either pay the late check-out fee, up to 7pm, or for an extra night’s stay.

When should I pay for my stay?

The full payment will be made upon arrival, for stays of less than a month. In other cases, you can pay in monthly arrears, as long as the total amount does not exceed €400.

Are barbecues allowed?

The use of particular gas or electric barbecues is permitted. Lighting charcoal or log fires is forbidden, except in properly conditioned barbecues, away from any inflammable objects. No fires must ever be lit on the ground.

Which plot size should I choose?
  • Small plot, less than 55m2: Motorhomes up to 7m long.
  • Medium plot, between 55m2 and 70 m2: Motorhomes from 7m to 8m long.
  • Big plot, between 71m2 and 120m2: Motorhomes from 8m to 9.5m long (10m prior consultation)